Kid Sublime


02Rappin Blak ft. Camp LoPlay
03Hey ListenPlay
04We Don’t Play ft. Illa JPlay
05S.O.A. SkitPlay
06Friend And Me ft. DefariPlay
07Never Satisfied ft. J to tha C/The DankPlay
08Own WorldPlay
09A Cry For DetroitPlay
10Pityful TimesPlay
11S.C.R.E.A.M. ft. Frank N DankPlay
12The Saturdaynightlivefreestyle (Ladi Dadi)Play


“It’s been a long time…” indeed! The multi-talented Kid Sublime is back! He is one producer of whom you ask “when is his next stuff coming!?”. For instance, the House Heads, the Soul Jocks and the Beat Nerds all seem to love him. Well, the Kid is now back with his sophomore effort, Rappin’ Blak.

This time he’s on a hip-hop tip. Maybe you’ve already heard or seen “Own World”, the first single, giving you a taste of where the album is coming from. However, besides hip-hop Rappin’ Blak has a definite soul influence.

Of course Rappin’ Blak wouldn’t be complete without some vocal support. Title track “Rappin’ Blak” features Camp Lo and is a true “club banger”. Some of you may recognize the beat, which circulated in instrumental form last year. Other features come from Illa J, going back to back with Kid on “We Don’t Play”, hip-hop legend Defari adds his sunny LA flavour on “Friend and Me” and on “S.C.R.E.A.M.” Frank N Dank bring you their brag ‘n’ boast style they’re famous for.

Though it’s filed under hip-hop, Rappin’ Blak has the sublime-ish soul signature Kid is known for. This especially shines through on “Pityful times”, “Never Satisfied” and “The Saturdaynightlivefreestyle” .
Check out Rappin’ Blak and let Kid Sublime take you on a trip through his own world. And don’t forget the nice present at the end…


Alex Robinson (Stones Throw Europe): YEAH! I like it, it’s a strong album. My favourite tracks are Hey Listen, Scream and Pityfull Times. Some great beats, he’s a sick producer. Good luck with it!

Tim Scott (Samurai FM): I checked out the video and I’m loving hearing Kid back in action… sounding a bit more focused and less blunted than in the past but still with ass kicking beats. This is high quality ish!

Domu: “My favourite tracks include RAPPIN BLAK, SCREAM and WE DONT PLAY. I Like it a lot! It’s a winner 9/10!”

Laurent Garnier: It’s a brilliant album. Full support from me!

Jay Scarlett: My kinda shit, beats bang out the mp kit! whoop!

DJ Asparagus: It’s a killer Detroit hiphop album with real potential on the alternative hiphop scene! Definitely send promos!

Claus Prechtl (Loud Minority): this album is the shit! The Loud Minority will support it bigtime, and yeah we definitly need promos!

CD € 9.99 buy
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Artist:Frank N Dank / Kid Sublime
Label:Dopeness Galore
Style:Electronic / Hip Hop / Boogie
Serial:DG 5 003

Kid Sublime