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Kid Sublime is making noise again! We’re very excited to present “Own World”, the first single from his LP “Rappin’ Blak”. Three years after his debut album “Basement Soul” Kid returns with his darkest release to date. Expect hip-hop, ‘Sublime style’, with guest appearances by Camp Lo, Frank N Dank, Illa J, Defari among others.

On the title track Kid finds himself in his ‘own world’ on a beat which was started out life as remix for the Brazilian/Dutch super group Zuco 103. As a result - Kid rhymes on the beat himself leaving you exposed to his world. The soulful “Pityful Times” appears as an (short) skit on the album while the extended cut is exclusively available on the B-side of this twelve inch. Besides Kid Sublime this track features Amsterdam’s finest vocal weapon, Ninthe on the hook.

Kid Sublime toured with Zuco 103 and Guru as a DJ, and co-founded the Rednose Distrikt collective, which he left to focus on his debut album “Basement Soul”. After that he put out records with Frank N Dank, Les Deal, Wouda and did remixes for the likes of Harry Swinger, Rob Scott, Recloose, J*Davey….

Check the net & Dutch television for the “Own World” music video!


Piccadilly Records:  “Record of the week!”

Recloose: “Always checking for new Kid Sublime, this new stuff is telling it is on some heavy hearted soul truth. Rocking Pityful Times on my radio show… always from the heart!”

Simon Harrison: “Pityful Times is the track for me… ACE”

Domu: “Yeah it s well jiggy!!! It could be a real crossover, catchy and well produced, but still raw and dirty. I wish the kid all the best with his vocal stylings!!!! sounds fresh, rip it up!!”

Sam Irl (Pulver Records): “Own World, wicked laid back beat and heaving rappin’, very dope! can’t wait for the full LP. really like the nice vintage sound. top production skills. pityful times: a very nice soulful track, again wonderful analog atmosphere. Altogether a high quality release!”

Lefto: “Lots of soul in the music (as usual). Production is quality, coming strong on Pityful Times”

Mr. Guan (Loud Minority): “Illest power pop music!!! I LIKE! give me more of that funky stuff!”

Jay.Soul: “Kid Sublime goes real slow and fonkee on that ass on Own World! bounce.. bounce.. Pityful Times is higher in bpm but real mellow and soulful. Nice.”

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Artist:Kid Sublime
Release: OWN WORLD
Label:Dopeness Galore
Style:Electronic / Hip Hop
Serial:DG 5 004

Kid Sublime