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Kid Sublime & Wouda teamed up to deliver you this anthem. Side A brings you an advanced deep funk banger, while side B provides you with a stripped down edit, going on the Chicago vibe complete with strings and live percussion.

Kid Sublime toured with Zuco 103 and played at various events and clubs worldwide as a DJ. Last summer he released Basement Soul. Watch out for his upcoming album with Orlando based MC Les Deal.
Wouda started spinning records to the local crowd at his hometown at the age of fifteen. After graduating high school he continued to study audio engineering. Check his Boogie Sessions twelve released early this year on Dopeness Galore.

With full artwork, CHECK!


Soulpatrol: “Massive at the club man…it works…” “Ever struggled to find that lock groove killer for those 3am basement moments? look no further.” “The Kid and Dopeness Galore’s Wouda team up for a rattling, breakbeat-driven example of Dutch offbeat, all carried off with a neat jazzual twist that Johan Cruyff would be proud off. Simple in the extreme, the execution is perfect.” “Kid Sublime & Wouda team up on Dopeness Galore for an advanced deep funk banger with deep bass & swirling atmospherics over crisp snare hits. Flip for a stripped down edit focusing on the atmospherics bass & handclaps and leaving out the more banging bits. Very well done indeed.”

Pablo Valentino (Faces Records): “Shout outs for what u doing, The Passage is killa!”

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Artist:Kid Sublime / Wouda
Release:Kid Sublime & THE PASSAGE
Label:Dopeness Galore
Style:Electronic / Boogie
Serial:DG 4 001

Kid Sublime & Wouda