Frank N Dank
THE EP Limited Edition


A 01One Time For The..Play
A 02Dilla WordsPlay
A 03Why?Play
A 04The SpaceraiderPlay
A 05SpitkickerPlay
A 06Part IIPlay
B 07F-N-DPlay
B 08Ruff Rugged & RawPlay
B 09Clap HandsPlay
B 10Hit itPlay
B 11OutroPlay
Limited Edition extra vinyl:Play
C 12Ruff Rugged & Raw (Kid Sundance remix)Play
C 13One Time for the.. instr.Play
C 14Why? instr.Play
C 15Spitkicker instr.Play
D 16Spitkicker (Werkmix)Play
D 17Ruff Rugged & Raw instr.Play
D 18Clap Hands instr.Play


Frank N Dank, produced by Dutch producers: at a performance in Amsterdam we asked them if they were ready to record and they were, almost immediately, down. We spread the idea among the Dutch and collected about 15 worthwhile tracks, which we then presented to Frank N Dank. At that time we were shocked by the news; a great influence to us and a long-time friend and fellow-musician of Frank N Dank (read: J Dilla aka Jay Dee) had passed away. In return to this tragedy, they seemed really keen to go on with the project. To make it short, they recorded, we mixed, and now it’s a fact.

Frank N Dank released nearly two albums worth of buzz-worthy singles and beside touring with Jay Dee across the US, London, Japan, Germany, Paris and Amsterdam, and performing alongside Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Slum Village, Common, Ludacris and Wyclef Jean they scorched video airwaves with their “Mcnasty Filth” single (featured on Jaylib’s Champion Sound). All this will place them on the cusp of mainstream acceptance, much like their friends and former school classmates T3 (Slum Village) and Proof (D12). Right now, Detroit’s Frank N Dank “got connects in Amsterdam to all the way down under…”:

I.N.T., Y’skid, Elsas, Kid Sublime and Wouda, crafted 11 undeniable tracks in the most staggering way you can expect from a Frank N Dank record being produced by the Dutch’s finest.

Additionally, Kid Sundance’s remix and the Werkmix will be released on CD and limited edition vinyl, the latter containing instrumentals for all original tracks. As a bonus the CD version will have an empty slit, in which you can fit a CD-R with the instrumental versions and other exclusives downloaded from the Dopeness Galore website. Don’t miss this one!!!

Quotes “RECORD OF THE WEEK goes to the incredible return of Dilla protoges Frank N Dank with Clap Hands complete with a jaw dropping beat supplied by Kid Sublime. This is minimal Detroit funk at its very best!

Alex Chase (Itch Fm / Stonesthrow UK): “Love the beat and the cuts are cool. Will be caning on the radio and clubs when it’s on wax. thanks very much for this, highly appreciated.”

Kenny Fresh (Bling47): “I’ve had “Clap Hands” and also “Ruff, Rugged & Raw” for a while now Kid Sublime & Wouda are a surprisingly perfect fit for FND - I love these joints.”

Rich Medina: “The Frank & Dank joint…bananas…nice work!”

Benji B (Deviation/1Xtra): “It’s in the box!”

IDJ: “a release that Jay Dee would have been proud of.

Scratch magazine: “the Detroit duo uses old school toasts and animated-though blunted-lyrical routines to prove that they’re more alive than ever.

Mad Mats (Raw Fusion): “In fact, its one of the better hip hop releases I’ve heard in a long time..ohhh baby I like it raw! Frank N Dank is what its all ‘bout…ruff’n’gritty jus’ like I want it! 10/10 (no joke!)”

Daz-i-kue (Bugs in the attic): “a flawless album, beats are wild and the rhymes are up to the “frank n dank” tightness, need to spread the good word to the world!”

Tyler Askew (Rude Movements / Straight No Chaser): “thanks for the Frank n Dank shit.. Its really hot.. Glad to see u guys doing your thing!”

Domu (Dom-Unique productions/Sonarcircle): “This is dope, hear the boys nice and clear, beats are fresh and tight, i hope it blows up cos its bangin!”

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Artist:Frank N Dank / Kid Sublime / Wouda
Release: THE EP Limited Edition
Label:Dopeness Galore
Style:Hip Hop
Serial:DG 6 001LE
Barcode:8 717127 013494

Frank N Dank
THE EP Limited Edition