Bum on the Carpet


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Bum on the Carpet is a collective in which DJ, producer and label owner Wouda works together with other music minded artists. Exploring the goal to bring life into a new vibe he creates a “melting pot” of sounds and live instrumentation. Already studying audio engineering and mastering, Wouda knew he wanted to work with sounds at an early age. But it was the urge to craft a simple combination of live-sounding MPC and Rhodes that formed the idea behind the single. In true DIY-style, Wouda pressed it up onto vinyl and dealt it out by hand until they were all gone. Taking inspiration from visionary greats like Prince, Quincy Jones, Fela Kuti, Theo Parrish, King Tubby, and Larry Levan, he’s dead set on a mission to seek out the heavy blissful vibes, whoever makes them.

The music, described as “hiphop state of mind funk” changes moods from the start of the record: “Mood Swing” features a summer chilled Fender Rhodessolo (supplied by: “Disco Die, wie?”) over a crowded beat, complete with chatting samples. Next the deep funk orientated track, “Wanted You” takes Bum on the Carpet’s thoughts of music metaphorical into a new atmosphere. A more up tempo track, “Make Room”, is placed on the B side featuring scratches supplied by “Snelle Jelle” this one could be a real club banger! After this “Yes Please!” is exploring the different layers in sound resulting in a kind of “Earth Wind and Fire” way telling you: “Bum on the Carpet, yes please!” .

Bum on the Carpet’s Mood Swing:

“hiphop state of mind funk”.
•  gained massive support from the leading record shops in Amsterdam.
•  in the first week after release, the best selling local record at “Fat Beats Amsterdam”.
•  recommended by ˜the grandfather of hiphop” Afrika Bambaataa.


Fatcity.co.uk: “new Dutch label drops some heavy headnoddders here, check the B1 track for a tasty, floor friendly disco break affair with an ace bassline.”

Infinite-records.com: “Nestling between instrumental hip hop and jazz breaks, this 12 is the shit!”

Picadillyrecords.co.uk: “Wouda and the collective have created a selection of catchy, soulful hip hop breakers with a slightly off kilter, lo-fi feel.”

Eatthebeat.co.uk: “Bum on the Carpet are more about rocking the head than the hips, and there’s plenty of scope for that here.”

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Artist:Bum on the Carpet
Label:Dopeness Galore
Style:Electronic / Hip Hop / Jazz / Boogie
Serial:DG 1 001

Bum on the Carpet