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01Amsterdam After Dark intro - I.N.T. feat Rich MedinaPlay
02Batida - Kev BrownPlay
03High Priestess - The PolitikPlay
04Nerada - DomuPlay
05Jam In Pumpwork - Wouda BoogiePlay
06Praise - Jacob Malik LadderPlay
07I Cry - Rich MedinaPlay
08Beat Rise - I.N.T. feat MelodeePlay
09Almost Timeless - John ArnoldPlay
10Kenji’s Walk - Alex AttiasPlay
11Sticks outro - Wouda feat. Rich MedinaPlay
12In Time - ElsasPlay


In the summer of 2005, we from Dopeness Galore hooked up with the jazz label Timeless to start a project which ended up in this LP: “the Timeless interpretations”:

Timeless is a famous jazz label founded in 1975 in the Netherlands. The label holds a catalogue consisting of more than 700 titles of the most highly anticipated jazz artists of our time, from which only a few are revealed on this album. To shine a new light on “Timeless” and give people who don’t know about the label the chance to re-discover, Dopeness Galore connected with the finest contemporary producers who were given the freedom to create this LP as free and versatile as the word “interpretation” can be interpret.

Much like Timeless, the artists on this record are no newcomers in the music game. Most of them have been around for some time, but are not known by the big audience. This record brings them and Timeless together, it represents what’s going on right now, and gives you a peek at the future of music.

I.N.T. starts things up with the atmosphere of Dopeness Galore’s city, featuring Rich’s deep voice explaining time. Kev Brown, known for productions for Jazzy Jeff, De La Soul and Biz Markie, mashes up Batida’s “Vera Cruz” raw and soulfully, while also blessing the mic for that classic uncut hiphop action. Traveling through the Politik’s (who are Mark de Clive-Lowe & Bembe Seque) down tempo jazz banger, the next stop is Domu’s heavy fender Rhodes broken beat action. Domu is mostly known for his remix work for labels such as Ninja Tune, 2000 Black, Compost a.o. Wouda (Dopeness Galore) jams away with Johnny Griffin creating his own deep pumpwork. Now it’s Africa in the house with Jacob Malik Ladder, who drops an atmospheric afrobeat vibe with that distinguished Kid Sublime feel. Then it’s Rich Medina’s (Jill Scott, Weldon Irvine, Platinum Pied Pipers) turn to provide a typical and catchy soul cut “I Cry”, touching Lilian Boutté’s “I cried for you”. I.N.T. (La Melodia, Stones Throw, Nod Navigators) let’s you move through Chet Baker’s convoluted landscapes in his own jazzed up boogie way. An uptempo jazz anthem comes from John Arnold, who played as a guitarist in Amp Fiddler’s band.  Alex Attias is going back to his earlier Mustang period, with a minimal techno take on Art Blakey’s “Kenji’s Walk”. After Rich concludes on Timelessness over Wouda’s samba beat from the past, Elsas (production for dutch legend Extince) closes the album “In Time” with his soulful bossa nova interpretation of Leny Andrade.

Dopeness Galore is proud to finally present you the album, gaining to be as timeless as the interpreted artists.


Okayplayer: “..musical bliss, deep pockets, and wonderful bridges that combine to form something special—a truly ground breaking project.”

Alex Robinson (Stones Throw): “I’ve played the Kev Brown track 3 times - I think it’s got a rewind twice! Great track. Have played the 12” in the past too. I think it’s a really good comp, nice mix of styles and I like the fact most people have kept it pretty deep - it’s not just slapping a drum break under a loop like folk used to do with these projects.”

Josh Wink (Ovum Records): “Nice funky latin electronic dance grooves! Will be playing out!”

Amar Patel (Straight No Chaser): “Unlike previous projects like Impulsive and Blue Note Revisited, this is a consistent, respectful and imaginative set from one to 12. The three killers come from: Domu (‘Nerada’ gets flipped to a spaceways keys-led breakbeat with superb drum programming before guitar prodigy Rodney Jones’s flourish seals the deal); Politik (Mark De Clive-Lowe layering simple keys and flute over a slow bump with Bembe swooning over the ‘High Priestess Of Gone’) and Kev Brown (who splices and dices the vocal from Batida’s rendition of ‘Vera Cruz’ before one of those kick drum beats comes in, vocal becomes instrument and twilight twinkles). Other than that, John Arnold and Alex Attias weigh in with strong dancefloor works almost in collaboration with Lightsey/Hubbard, and Blakey respectively. Moving forwards.”

Rino Spadavecchia (Pulver records): “Wow, great compilation, good selection. Very deep & soulfoul. Must have it on vinyl. For me at the moment one of the best and coolest label. Congratulations.

Oemebamo (Beyond Jazz): “When truly talented people express their respect and love for the old jazz classics, there is a good chance for magic. Some remix lp’s even kick ass as a whole, just think of the Sun Ra Dedication project by Kindred Spirits. And now there’s Timeless Intepretations, presented to us via Dopeness Galore. It probably isn’t a coincidence these last two projects are released by a small independent label, with an ear for good contemporary music and driven by passionate people.”

Simon Harrison (Basic Soul): “Dopeness Galore have already released the excellent compilation “Timeless Finest Jazz” which gave us a taster from the massive back catalogue of Timeless Records, and now they’ve brought in the remixers. I absolutely love this album. It’s been tried so many times before to remix classic jazz tracks and I think they’ve come out top. Fave re-works so far: Domu, The Politik, Alex Attias, Kev Brown and all feat. Rich Medina!!!”

Michael Rutten (Compost Radio): “The snippets sound like this is really an album! especially Alex Attias, Domu, The Politik and John Arnold plus Kev Brown did a great job here. Waitin’ for the full length to arrive at the Soulsearching studio for many airplays.”

Clubbity: “Even though we have been become accustomed to remix projects of big jazz labels’ catalogues, which not always did hit the spot, this other one seems to have all the odds for a valuable and fine output, for the understatement of the project itself and the selection of less hyped remixing contributors. Definitely jotting down the release date when it will be available in the stores.”

Claus Prechtl (Sunshine Enterprises): “alex attias, domu, kev brown were my first faves!
and i´m playing the politiks highpriestess regurlary since it has been released on 12” - love it!”

Mad Mats (Raw Fusion): “Deep biz…love it!”

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Artist:Kid Sublime / Pharoah Sanders / Wouda
Label:Dopeness Galore / Timeless records
Style:Electronic / Hip Hop / Jazz / Boogie
Serial:DG 2 004
Barcode:8 717127 012923

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