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George Adams - ‘Finest

A compilation of the finest by the late saxophone player George Adams. Get introduced into the world of avant-garde and postbop jazz.

Following the releases of Pharoah Sanders and Chet Baker, Dopeness Galore recovered recordings from George Adams. All tracks were originally released on Timeless Records in the 1970’s and 1980’s. They showcase the love for contrast prominent in the Adams/Pullen quartet and a synergy and energy between the members that just can’t beat.

The songs clearly demonstrate Adams’ dramatic way of playing the saxophone. Skilfully gliding along his instrument, blowing out from the lowest to the highest tune in one breath. On the grand piano Don Pullen now and then makes use of the highest octaves in a haunting way, almost like he’s using his knuckles instead of his fingertips. The drive drummer Dannie Richmond brings to the plate result in tight rhythmic sessions. All the while bassist Cameron Brown wields his way through the songs, easily picking along in high gear.

Take note of the care taken of the album sleeve for the release. The artwork was done by Belgian artist Alex Deforce and the in depth liner-notes were written by Dutch flutist Han Litz.

A deeply focused, spiritual journey guided by the late George Adams


Laurent Garnier (DJ-FR): simply SUPERB! Will present on my radio show.

Simbad (DJ-UK): First notes in & i know this is FABULOUS!!!!!! Got some of his stuff on vinyl so its beautiful that you guys are re-releasing this, full props!

Pablo Valentino (Faces/MCDE-FR): Proper Spiritual Jazz! Right up my street!

Martin Hayes (Rose Records-UK): wow, that’s good! full support for this special record.

Toshio Matsuura (DJ-JP): very good compilation! will support.

Dom Servini (DJ-UK): This is the real deal. Love it!

Elisabeth van Scherpenzeel (NTR-NL): I really like it. Will listen to it again and probably broadcast a track!

Michael Rütten (DJ-DE): Very good. Thanks a lot for releasing this gem.

LP € 18.99 buy
Artist:George Adams / Chet Baker / Pharoah Sanders
Release: ‘FINEST
Label:Dopeness Galore / Timeless records
Serial:DG 2 007