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In a new series of 12” releases Dopeness Galore will bring you upcoming European talent, this time presenting the Freepoint Crew. This hip-hop trio hailing from the southern coast of Finland is recognised for its distinctive way of blending soulful beats and innovative rhyming, while adding a northern European dimension to the sound.

With this six tracks strong EP they bring you tracks such as “My Dedication” and “Circulation”, reminiscing of the hiphop funk from the 90’s, soulful songs like “Global Village” and the disco flavoured “Small Things In Life” . An intro has been crafted with original Finnish flavour by Wouda, while the b-side adds a remix by Elsas who produced for groundbreaking Dutch hip-hop artist Extince and was featured on the Dopeness Galore releases “the Timeless interpretations” and “the EP ” by Frank N Dank. Besides, Elsas is also part of the Bum on the Carpet collective.

Freepoint Crew was born at the dawn of the new millennium, when emcee MAZ hooked up with beat makers JMA and Mathias. The three individuals all shared a great passion for music and all three of them were heavily influenced by the east coast sound of the 90´s. 2000-2002 was a period of high enthusiasm when the trio eagerly recorded tracks aspiring to bring something of their own to the table. The group has evolved a great deal since those days but the fundamentals have remained the same, sample heavy production and honest lyricism.


Joscha: “yo guys, nodding heavily over here, my dedication + small things in life are the cuts for me on here. great to see some Finnish hiphop on a continental label…”

Laurent Garnier: “Will definitely playlist on my radioshows. very good EP indeed!”

Domu (Sonarcircle: yeah its kinda like PUTS/Ugly Duckling when they came out in
97-98…i like its, its old school in the right way. A Primo -ish track and
a commercial kinda track, i hope it does well, im gonna support it DJ and

Dirk Rumpff (Offtrack radio): “Really like it. will play it for sure!”

Menno Jager (Sound of Swound, “Nice release, really like the Elsas remix!”

12" LP € 7.90 buy
Artist:Freepoint Crew / Wouda
Label:Dopeness Galore
Style:Hip Hop / Boogie
Serial:DG 8 001

Freepoint Crew