Earlybird Soul System


A1Flashing LightsPlay
A2Superior Fonk ft. Pablo ValentinoPlay
B1Flashing Lights (Kid Sublime Remix)Play
B2Flashing Lights (808 Saved my Dub Version)Play
B3Superior Fonk (Kez YM Remix)Play


Earlybird Soul System

10 years of Dopeness Galore brings forth an exciting new project between well established future soul producer Inkswel and blossoming underground RnB vocalist Charli James.

Inkswel has worked tirelessly in the last few years crafting formidable EPs for Firecracker, Rush Hour, Burek, Boogiebash, Hot Shot, Faces, This Thing, Wolf, Cityfly and of course his GINSENG ROOT 12” on Dopeness Galore.

Charli has contributed vocals to tracks with Freekwency, Maseratay & Kid Sublime, Red Rackem and the Uglyink project on City Fly, her sweet sultry Soul vocals embody the vibes of timeless 90s RnB, classical Jazz training and an innocence unrestrained by the conventions of influence.

Together the pair bring together Boom Bap Soul, Andres esq sample based House and Peven Everett heartfelt buildup House into the FLASHING LIGHTS project.

Three tracks of unrestrained, unique, soulful music, unlike anything else. Backed by killer remixes from DG’s very own KID SUBLIME and japanese deep house don KEZ YM and topped off with next level art by JOEL VDK.

Comes in brown cardboard sleeve with the artwork on a separate printed inlay.

“The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.”

Jimpster (Freerange / Delusions of Grandeur): “Absolutely Love this whole EP but the original is standing tall for me. It’s going in the new RA chart and have already been playing it out.”

Laurent Garnier: Superb atmosphere, Superb music, Superb EP.

Simon Winkler (Triple R FM): Brilliant to hear new material from Inkswel and Charli James - killer collaboration! Really inventive soul, funk, and beat styles, backed with dope remixes. This will receive full radio and DJ support here.

Benny Badge (Freekwency): Amazing release… need this!

Marc Mac (4Hero / Visioneers): nice EP, really dig Pablo’s input.

DJ Simbad: Yes feeling them tunes, full support nice remixes ! Groot :-)

Jason Hogans (Brownstudy Detroit): “Solid grooves from front to back. Charli’s tone & delivery meshes well with Inkswel’s production. Happily banging this.”

Scott ‘Thatmanmonkz’ Moncrieff (Shadeleaf Music): “My man Inkswel proves again that he’s more hip hop than 99% of modern hip hop. Great EP, and lovely work from Charli James too… ‘Superior Fonk’ my fave from a dope all-round package.”

12" EP € 9.90 buy
Artist:Andras / Inkswel / JAN / Kid Sublime
Label:Dopeness Galore
Style:Hip Hop / House
Serial:DG 10 007
Barcode:8 717127 100712

Earlybird Soul System