Bum on the Carpet


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After their first EP in 2004 and their second, just released in Japan. Wouda and Elsas are presenting the third Bum on the Carpet 12” to provide you with a small glimpse of what to expect in the future.

“Hold It Tight” get’s you back in that disco fusion area, reminiscing the time of Patrice and Geraldine.. Coming out of a live jam with Wouda and Elsas on MPC & synth’s, and the shameless vocals of Wille, this one will set the mood on every party!!!

The incense “Nag Champa” is always burning during the BotC sessions, the same titled track shares the vibe of these crafting nights in Amsterdam. As the extended version is featured on this 12”, a shorter version will be on the upcoming album, hitting stores early ’07!!!

As many said: “Bum on the Carpet is all about the head nod..”, hope this one stays in the head!!!


Alex Robinson / Alex Chase (Stones Throw): Sounds good! Like the vibe on both sides, will def get radio and club spins from me. Another strong Dopeness Galore 12”...

Frank (soulparlor): hold it tight is killer… damn…

O.Boogie: Been waitin for some new BotC. This sounds hot..

Gareth Stephens (Askew Records): Hot hot hot! J Dilla meets boogie. Gets better with each spin!

Simon Harrison (Basic-Soul): The Nag Champa Edit doesn’t do much but I LOVE IT. My kinda house groooove. Nice instrumental of"Hold it Tight” great for warming up an evening :)

Kid Sublime: Side A: “Hold it tight”: The Bums did it again! Hold it tight is an absolute tractor- funk banger!! Makes me wanna grab a few more beers and hold some more behinds tight…...real tight! side B: “Nag Champa Edit”: Just roll up a fat one and let the track do the job…a nice deep-laydback 4 to the floor..light it up!!

Antal Heitlager (Kindred Spirits/Rush Hour): Nice vibe & energy to the music. Keep it coming. You are doing it well!

Domu: Bum on the Carpet is sounding great!

12" LP € 7.90 buy
Artist:Bum on the Carpet / Wouda
Label:Dopeness Galore
Style:Hip Hop / Boogie
Serial:DG 1 002

Bum on the Carpet