Bum on the Carpet

A Bum on the Carpet record released in Japan. As they said:

“Mood Swing” the first EP from Bum On The Carpet has gained good reactions in Japan, Europe & US. Now the new 12inch single “Are U Down? featuring Kid Sublime on vocals”, will be loved by all the people in the world!! The kaleidoscope of Fender Rhodes, Bass, hip hop minded drum programming and Kid Sublime’s vocals let’s you remember the insecurity of first love.

You can feel the crowd of Japanese cities like Tokyo and Osaka by the very cool “Weebeedown Mix” from “Are U Down” by DJ Mitsu The Beats from Gagle / Jazzy Sport.

The city of Amsterdam is very true represented by “Wouda’s Coffee Shop Remix”, a remix from “Mood Swing” which was originally featured on Bum On The Carpet’s first single.

Be ready, ‘cause Bum On The Carpet will BUM the world!!!

Artist:Bum on the Carpet / Kid Sublime / Wouda
Release: ARE YOU DOWN?
Style:Hip Hop / Jazz / Boogie

Bum on the Carpet