Frank N Dank

From Detroit, Michigan and previously known for their many collaborations with the late J Dilla, now with the Dutch:

Frank N Dank released nearly two albums worth of buzz-worthy singles and beside touring with Jay Dee across the US, London, Japan, Germany, Paris and Amsterdam, and performing alongside Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Slum Village, Common, Ludacris and Wyclef Jean they scorched video airwaves with their “Mcnasty Filth” single (featured on Jaylib’s Champion Sound). All this will place them on the cusp of mainstream acceptance, much like their friends and former school classmates T3 (Slum Village) and Proof (D12).

Right now, Detroit’s Frank N Dank “got connects in Amsterdam to all the way down under…”

Style: Electronic / Hip Hop
Artist: Frank N Dank


Frank N Dank