Earlybird Soul System

10 years of Dopeness Galore brings forth an exciting new project between well established future soul producer Inkswel and blossoming underground RnB vocalist Charli James.

Inkswel has worked tirelessly in the last few years crafting formidable EPs for Firecracker, Rush Hour, Burek, Boogiebash, Hot Shot, Faces, This Thing, Wolf, Cityfly and of course his GINSENG ROOT 12” on Dopeness Galore.

Charli has contributed vocals to tracks with Freekwency, Maseratay & Kid Sublime, Red Rackem and the upcoming Ugylink project on City Fly, her sweet sultry Soul vocals embody the vibes of timeless 90s RnB, classical Jazz training and an innocence unrestrained by the conventions of influence.

Together the pair bring together Boom Bap Soul, Andres esq sample based House and Peven Everett heartfelt buildup House.


Earlybird Soul System