Indonesian MUNIR grew up in a household where the sounds of Sugar Hill records filled up the soundwaves. He pours an original perspective through vintage beat machines and synths of the late 70s and early 80s to present us with an authentic sound of the highest quality and integrity of modern electro-funk.

Through record collecting and playing in bands Harry Septiandry a.k.a. MUNIR seeked to capture each dynamic style of early dance music and to understand basic chord progression for crafting songs. His breakthrough happened by teaming up with Yordan Admiral to form the Funk band Midnight Runners. This landed them impressive record deals with Omega Supreme and Groove College.
While Ritmo Echo is MUNIR’s first solo project, Dopeness Galore is proud to have Bandung’s MUNIR back for the release of a full-length album. Built around a lush stay at a place where water is salt and life is sweet: Welcome to the Grand Paradise Hotel.

MUNIR, underground dance music from Indonesia, for lovers of those sensual sounds and new era funk.

Style: Electronic / House / Boogie
Artist: Munir