San Proper

San Proper is a representation of what Amsterdam has to offer musically. His unique personality has manifested and charmed its way throughout the world, while staying true to his roots. His close ties to Rush Hour has earned him multiple releases and the joint sublabel Proper’s Cult. You can catch him playing at major festivals or your local club, always keeping the element of surprise by blending the broad spectrum of music into an eclectic mix - “It is what it is.”

San Proper went all the way for Dopeness Galore. L.O.V.E. is a project that grew out of the collaboration of Ms. Hollywood, Tom Trago, Steven van Lummel and himself. The album showcases the inability of boxing Dr. Proper in through six inspiring cuts. He properly captures the vastness of House music by incorporating Funk, Wave, Disco and Acid. Even mother nature is praised through bird song, creating the illusion of being in the jungle. This one is all about attention to detail, the quest of the soul and natural feeling.

Dopeness Galore couldn’t be happier to have San Proper aboard!

For booking enquiries: Octopus Agents


San Proper